Mission India Hospital & Clinics

Mission India has a Clinic at Khadgaon village offering free Medical check up and Medicine to the poor and needy. Doctor is the Medical Officer of the clinic and also conducting free Medical camps in various villages of Nagpur District. Apart from Medical Check up Medical team is imparting counseling to rural people about hygiene, family planning and epidemic like, Malaria, Diarrhea, Cholera, Dysentery, AIDS, Chicken Guinea and Dengue etc. Mission India would like to start 30-bedded hospital it is benefit of rural people of Khadgaon and near Wadi villages.We have conducted over 12 medical camps in Khadgaon, Kuhi, Chickli,Shivshankar colony, Bhiwapur, Daba Lava, Chicholi, Dahegaon, Wadi and Parseoni and in Central Jail in Nagpur dist. The panels of doctor who are specialized in different branches of medicines examine the patients and give free medicine; complicated causes were being referred to hospitals. Rural people are greatly benefited by these camps. Some paper cutting in which news papered in local new papers about these medical camps