Community Leadership Centers

Community Leadership Centers (CLCs) is one of the most thriving services that Mission India has and hold its high esteem. CLCs have produced great number of leaders and personalities who are doing commendable works in the places they are stationed around India. CLC exists to train and develop epitome global leaders who transform India and beyond. The motto “Each one to Teach one” is CLC’s impetus force to witness the transformational lives of men and women of India irrespective of age, creed, caste, and class. Our training is provided to all men and women in each of our centers in their respective vernacular languages with the prime intention of reproducing healthy and welfare society of humanity. We have established our Community Leadership Centers in almost all the states of India, which brings to the count of 28 centers in India and also in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Courses Offered

Certificate Couse (1 Year)

Basic Leadership

Grass Root Discipleship

Preliminary Time Management

English Grammar

Basic Oracle Prowess

Diploma in Leadership (1/2 Years)



Advanced Time Management-1

Basic English Language-1

Indian History-1

Moral Ethics-1

Oracle Prowess-1

Bachelors in Leadership (3/4 Years)



Preliminary English Language

Advanced Time Management

Indian History-2

Moral Ethics-2

Oracle Prowess-2

Masters in Leadership (2/3 Years)

Global Leadership

Global Discipleship

Ancient Language/Modern Language


World History

Rhetorical Skill

Successful Achievements


Certified Lecturers



Non-Teaching Staffs

Updates/Targets 2022

To train 700 students through CTCs.

To conduct 50 Leadership Seminars.

To purchase land/property for 3 Community Leadership Centres (Dimapur, Shillong, Rajasthan).

To construct 2 Community Development Campus (Guna, Salem).

Scholarships for leaders for further training/conferences.

CLCs Library Development.

To conduct Summer Leadership School.

To start 1 new CLC in Delhi.

To start fully online Leadership courses.

To publish Diploma course textbook in English and Hindi.

To conduct 10 Transformational Leadership Conferences.